About Us

It all started with a bite sized husky

As a little ball of fluff, Kai came into our family’s life in April of 2019. He was energetic, happy-go-lucky, fearless puppy. Different than my previous dog, he was very food motivated and _loved_ to please. We attended the basic puppy training classes and did some at home youtube video training, but I wanted to channel his energy into something more.

I had seen Agility competitions on TV, and it looked like something he might excel at; He was quick, trainable, and loved to parkour in the house! So I looked for Agility classes. It was surprisingly difficult to find classes. Later I learned that many dog sport training classes are found by word-of-mouth, or by being part of the existing dog sport community.

After following the rabbit hole of research we also tried FastCAT, Nosework, and Rat games like Barn Hunt and NASDA which he leveraged his strong prey drive and love for sniffing.

He loves the ‘games’ that we are playing. And I love to get quality 1:1 time together. At home I have a wall displaying with his ribbons/achievements, like a proud momma. Dog Sports have brought additional joy to our lives – and I hope this site can help encourage other dog owners to start their journey into dog sports as well.

About the humom

My day job is IT Project Management, and it is pretty suitable for my personality. I enjoy bringing order to chaos and connecting with my fellow IT introverts on hobbies like board games and computer gaming.

I also can be quite obsessive about internet research. Whether it is building an itinerary for an upcoming vacation (places to stay, eat, visit – or how to min/max with airline and credit card points). Or finding all local Agility trainers within a 50 mile radius from my home. My hobbies usually result in a spreadsheet with formulas. 🙂

About the dawg

Kai is the celebrity of the family. Everyday I get asked ‘What kind of dog is that’!? So this blurb is dedicated to the breed, the Alaskan Klee Kai.

The Alaskan Klee Kai (AKK) is a relatively new breed, created in the 70s, as companion dogs, that look like a miniature husky. They do have some similar husky traits… like being mouthy, constantly shedding, and vocalizing opinions! And with all the benefits of the smaller, more manageable size.

While they are adorable, extremely loyal and loving, some of their tendencies are not for everyone. They can be extremely destructive if bored (don’t leave cardboard boxes laying around, unless you love to pick up bits). They also tend to gravitate towards their ‘person’ and want to go with them everywhere (bathroom visits are no longer sacred!). While seeing their little nose and paw everywhere is sweet, without training, they can also be very anxious when separated.

The breed is recognized by UKC and AKC Foundation Stock Service (FSS). If you want to learn more about the breed I would recommend going to the club websites AKKCOA and AKKAOA. And If you are looking for a breeder, use the listing from the AKKAOA website.

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