The Mission

Mission Statement

To make it easier for all dog owners to learn and compete in Performance Dog Sports.

The Problem Statement

Finding Trainers for Dog Sports is difficult.

  • Many trainers are found from word of mouth by folks already “in” the dog sport circle.
  • Many trainers are retired or teach as a side gig; They are not tech savvy and don’t have the time or expertise to create an online presence.
  • Trainers do it for the love of the sport and dogs, not for the money, and there is little to no investment in advertising.

Finding local trials (events) is time consuming.

  • There are many organizations that host Dog Sporting trials. But each organization has their own Event Calendar.
  • Living in California, nearly all Events were held in cities I have never heard of. I would constantly refer back to google maps to look up a city (is Orangevale 2 hours away or 8?).
    • It is hard to identify which event’s were held near me.

This Was Me

5 web browser tabs open; Google Maps, AKC events, NACSW Events, UKC events. Switching back and forth between tabs, copy and pasting locations into google maps to find out how far away it was. Plotting out events on my table calendar. While my doggo stared at me and wondered why we weren’t doing something more ‘fun’!

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