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Thursday, September 22, 2022

Not able to find a trainer near you? Or want to do training from the comfort of your own home?

My personal favorite option is FDSA (Fenzi Dog Sports Academy). They offer live 6 week classes, 10 day Workshops, Webinars and On Demand classes. Another plus for their classes is that there is a strong FB Group community of trainers/owners that support and provide advice to eachother. Go through their course schedule, and I promise there will be a topic/class that would be interesting for you and your dog! Take the leap, you will get hooked 🙂

Types Of Courses

  • Agility
  • Obedience
  • Rally
  • Nosework
  • And so much more!

Registration Types

Okay, if you are looking to register, the next step is determining what type of subscription you get… Below are my personal opinions for how to choose the best fit for you.

The Gold Subscriptions are the most similar to an in person class. Every week the trainer will upload a class lecture (and videos), there will be “homework”. You will video your “homework” training session. And your Trainer will review your training session and give you individual and personalized advice, suggestions, and answer questions. No one is judging you if life get’s busy, or you are unable to do your “homework”. But to get the most out of the subscription you want to stay engaged and on top of the lectures and homework weekly. Also Gold subscriptions have limited seats, so they do sell out (and fast) for popular classes. If you are interested in a class, make sure to set a timer for the Date and Time of registration – and be ready to click Enroll!

The Bronze Subscription are best if you want to take the class casually. Maybe you really want to learn the content at your own pace, or keep the course in your library for reference. You do not get to submit any training videos, or recieve individual feedback from the instructor. But through the class forum you can view the videos and responses of the Gold students. So if someone has a dog with similar personality or questions/issues you face, it can be helpful to see how the trainer addresses it through following along. Majority of the time there are also dedicated class Facebook Groups, so sometimes Bronze students use that as an area to submit their training videos – feedback may be from a Teaching Assistant (TA) or fellow classmates, you will not get Instructor feedback. There are unlimited Bronze seats, so you can register at any time, and at $65 per class it is a steal of a deal!

Screenshot taken Sept 2022

What to Expect

The Fenzi Dog Sports Academy facebook page has a video on what to expect from the online class – check it out!

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