Monday, September 05, 2022

Known Bugs/Issues

Event Map

  1. For Some AKC Events the End Dates are sometimes before the Event Start Date. For some events the Trial Entry Closing Date was inadvertently added as the Event End Date. – Not yet fixed.
  2. Trials that have past the “Open Date” should no longer appear.
  3. NACSW events with the same Start and End date have a default value of 1970 selected for end date. To do, include logic to use the same start date as end date for events without a date range.

To report any bugs or issues please sent it through the Feedback Form, thank you in advance!!

Backlog for next major Version

  • Map should auto zoom out/in when the “refresh” button is pressed, based on the distance filter selected.
  • Provide multiple item select for Event Types. (e.g. Allow the ability to select Nosework and Rat Sports events)

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