Behind the Map

Monday, September 05, 2022

Behind the Magic

Data is pulled into the map from a variety of sources dog sport organization event calendars.

  • AKC (Performance Sports – for All Breeds)
  • UKC (Nosework & Precision Coursing)
  • NACSW – Nosework
  • NADD – Dock Diving
  • Barn Hunt – Rat Sports
  • NASDA – Rat Sports

Depending on the type of website there are varying levels of difficulty to compile this information, you may see ‘all events’ currently published (it may extend through next year) or I may cut off the data load at a certain month.

Data is (roughtly) added the first week of each month. Between the dates of upload there may be changes published to the events. Always refer to the source organization or host club’s information for the latest updates, shown in Yellow highlighter.


If you have a favorite dogsport organization that you want to see included it please take this survey. I will use the survey information to prioritize which additional dog sports events to add into the FidoEvents Map.

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