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Tuesday, August 02, 2022


In addition to Barn Hunt, the North American Dog Sport Association (NASDA) also has two games where dogs search out live rats. The goal of these trials are to mimic, as closely as possible, historic field, hunting, and search dog work. As such, the search areas typically mimic those events – in an open field, warehouse, barn, etc. The well socialized rats are contained safely in special made quarry boxes.

These events are very friendly to new comers. You and your dog do not need any formal training to join an event/trial. At the beginner levels, your dog’s natural curiosity and drive for odor will generally guide your dog to the Rat.


Experience Needed for Trials/Events:

Physical requirements of dog:

Physical requirements of human:



  • No formal training required to start Trialing, very friendly to newbies.
  • There are also Puppy classes/trials
  • Great for dogs and handlers of all ages
  • There is also a Brace event where two dogs work as a team (off leash) to find the quarry

Example of a NASDA (Urban Location, Level 2) Trial


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