Lure Coursing

Monday, August 15, 2022


Lure Coursing is a timed sprint, where your dog chases a lure (usually a white plastic bag) down a field. The lure moves fast through a course, controlled by a motorized wire and pulley system. The speed of the lure is adjustable based on the speed/interest of the dog. Your dog’s time is ‘clocked’ at the end of the course, and you learn their MPH speed.

Some coursing events are limited to specific sighthound breeds (Greyhounds, Whippets, etc), but AKC and UKC offer events that are open to all breeds; AKC FastCAT and UKC Precision Coursing.

If your dog perks up at the sight of a rabbit or squirrel running across the field, your dog will enjoy this event! There is no formal training needed, this event relies on your dogs natural instinct to chase.


Experience Needed for Trials/Events:

Physical requirements of dog:

Physical requirements of human:



  • No formal training needed
  • If your dog loves to chase, you will see the joy in his eyes during this event 🙂
  • This can be a loud sport, as some dogs bark with anticipation.
  • Dogs must be 12mo of age or older to compete (fully developed joints, no longer a puppy)

Example of a FastCAT Trial


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