Favorite Gear For Nosework

Friday, August 12, 2022

Getting ready for your first trial, or looking to spice up your gear?! Below are some of my favorites and why!

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Wearing different gear when learning and performing in dog sports helps the dog context switch, and know what their “job” is. ie, I am in my Nosework harness, I know that I am going to be doing some sniffing.

Harnesses are popular search attire for activities when your dog is leading the way. If your dog already wear’s a harness as their normal attire, you might want to purchase a different one, with different straps or pressure points (so it feels different).

This type of harness is popular for nosework. It is easy to put on / take off. The first link is the one Kai is wearing in the title picture, it has velcro sides where you can purchase a velcro patch to add your dog’s name. It was purchased back in June of 2021, and it looks like they have made an additional strap between the chest and belly strap in the latest version).

The second link is a favorite for my brother’s dog. It has thicker straps (no velcro), but has lasted them 4 years and counting!

Leash / Long Line

In nosework the dog is guiding the way, so you want to provide independence and slack to move freely. (And no, you cannot use a flexi-lead). There are many different types of material, thinkness, and length depending on what suites you and your dog. I started with a nylon leash, but found it was too think and dirt and debris would get stuck on it. Popular choices are biothane and leather.

Regarding length, I tried a few and my personal sweet spot was 20ft. Many people also end up in the 10′ – 15′ range.

My current favorite long line is made of biothane material from the company Lambwolf Collective. Biothane has a nice feel, light, easy to clean, waterproof, and doesn’t tangle (much). If you are looking for other brands, colors or sizes there are also many options on Amazon and Etsy.

Treat Pouches

I found this at my local doggie boutique store, and has been my go-to bag! The middle section is held together with a magnet, so it is very easy to open and close. And It has 2 pockets, so I have a place to put my doggie bags. My only wish is that it was easier to clean the bag.

As of writing, the item is not in stock in amazon – so be on the look out at your local shops 🙂

Which led to this other type of pouch. I also heard good reviews for this type of pouch because it is easy to clean and versatile because you can hold wet treats as well. I use it as a ‘backup’ because I found it not as ‘easy’ to reach in and out of this bag, and I liked having the extra pocket for doggie bags

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