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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

The Lingo

Trials = an event where a dog sport competition is held.

Classes = In the Trial there may be different “Classes” or types of competitions. (e.g. a “Class” for dogs performing at the Novice, Advanced, Master, levels) The types of Classes vary per sport.

Sample from an AKC Scentwork entry form

Premium = A document (usually in PDF form) that contains details about the event.; Where the event is held, when you can submit your entry form, what types of Classes are offered, who the judges are, how much the event costs, etc. And very important, The last 2 pages usually contain a blank entry form to fill out.

Q = Qualifying = successfully completing the Class trial.

Legs = Many sports require achieving 3 Qualifying completions to move onto the next Class level (e.g. Moving from Novice to Advanced). Each Qualifying class would be a Leg.

FEO = For Exhibition Only, if you want to have the environment of the trial, without being part of the ‘competition’ you can sign up for classes as FEO. For example, if you and your dog want to practice in the ‘ring’ and environment, without the added mental pressure that come’s with a competition. FEO entries cost the same price as a normal entry, and spots are usually given only if there is empty space in the trial.

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